Register VAT in European Countries

IF A COMPANY, OR ITS COMPANY, performs the activity of selling goods or products to consumers in various EU countries through the Internet through known platforms or from its own website, it is very possible or mandatory to proceed to register for VAT purposes in the countries of their clients

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At present, there is no concept of a unique VAT number within the EU for sellers who use known platforms or from their own website, from products to consumers. Therefore every entrepreneur who sells and makes products online, will have to register for VAT purposes in each of the 28 member states of the EU, country by country, taking into account as is obvious the regulations of each country that depending on the European country in question, depending on the invoicing there is a legal requirement to make the registration of VAT as obligatory or not, but you have to be very well informed and advised so that you know when it is time to proceed to registry. When is it obligatory to register for VAT purposes in another EU country? To do this, the Myg Consulting team offers a very personal meeting at our headquarters in Madrid or via video conference to explain to the client the sections and billing thresholds that if they have exceeded or are in the limit already has the obligation to register for Iva in the country of the European Union where you have clients.

In MYG Consulting we take care of doing the whole process of processing in all the countries of the European Union, in order to register the VAT and that the client complies with the regulations in force, for his online commerce business. If the company sells below the annual billing thresholds this is below the billing range required by the regulations of the European country in question, then you do not have to register there and you can apply the VAT under your own national VAT number , but if you have already exceeded the limits, you must immediately register in the European country.