Liquidation of Companies in Spain

Dissolution and Liquidation of Companies in Spain and Europe

In MYG CONSULTING we can legally dissolve and liquidate your Spanish company in Spain, or your European company made in Ireland, or in Portugal in France, England etc, according to the regulations in force in European countries.

To dissolve a company or Limited Liability Company can be done in compliance with what the Statutes of the company mark which we will have to check against the original documentation before a Notary.

Or For reasons established by the general meeting of shareholders.

In case of liquidation of the company or company in question, the team of Myg Consulting, can be in charge of liquidating the company according to the current Spanish regulations if the company is Spanish, or according to English regulations if the company is from England or according to the Irish regulations if the company is from Ireland, and so on according to the European country in question and I comply with the rules of the Commercial Registry, and accounting and tax payment before the Tax Agency.

Well, companies will have to be aware of payments and their corresponding taxes, having to make an inventory, balance, with the approval of the owner of the company or if there are several of all shareholders.

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Once the credit has been distributed, if applicable, the liquidators will grant the deed of the company with the final balance of the liquidation, list of partners, and up-to-date accounts with their taxes before a Notary public deed. paid.

All this will be presented to the Mercantile Registry of the country where the extinction is taking place and the company will be dissolved and formally extinguished.