Incorporate or start a business in Nevada , United States

Incorporating a company in Nevada has become very popular because of the benefits it offers businesses . Besides the strong protection against liability and asset protection offered to establish a company in Nevada, there are other benefits ..

In Nevada, there are no taxes to exercise business ( franchise tax) or corporate income tax . There is no personal income tax , there is a better privacy property and faster to set up a corporation, tax savings, and low cost of start-up .

Nevada has incorporated the basics of successful recipe of Delaware, and has taken further. There is no case in Nevada where he has run the corporate shade except in cases of intentional fraud..

One of the advantages to incorporating in Nevada:
  • Strong liability protection for directors and officers acting on behalf of society
  • Low startup costs and annual operating costs
  • Tax savings. Any company incorporated in Nevada conducting operations in Nevada is free from income tax estadal ..
  • Privacy. The shareholders of a company incorporated in Nevada are not listed in public records.
  • The state of Nevada did not sign any agreement to share information with IRS.
  • Nevada is the only state that allows "Bearer Shares " issued. These shares are held by any person in whose power they are at any given time , which allows a trusted friend or family member holds shares in times of risk..
  • Minimum disclosure requirements and disclosure
  • Directors need not be shareholders
  • Companies incorporated in Nevada may issue shares to raise capital for services rendered , real and personal property . The directors may determine the value in such cases, and its decision is binding

While there is a wide range of options and choices available when choosing the state in which to make the constitution , that the constitution will provide to society liability protection and asset protection when it is operating properly acquires transcendental importance . Keep your assets and property safe when you are trying to live the American dream and become a business owner is of utmost priority.