Incorporate a company or start a business in America -Miami

The most important reason why individuals choose to take adelanteCONSTITUIR A COMPANY IN MIAMI, an activity through a company, it is the protection that manage the personal assets , such as home, family savings, and other assets.

If the business fails , these personal assets can not be touched. Will , therefore , be protected from creditors . In other words , creditors can not go knocking on doors of shareholders

This limited liability corporations does not apply to so-called " Sole proprietorship " one-person - companies - or " partnership" - companies - which made headlines respond with their own property for the debts of the company. .

Starting a business in the United States - Miami. The Advantages of Creating a Limited Company in Miami

  • While corporations or LLC 's can set their gains deductions to reduce the payment of this tax , the other informal structures such as sole proprietorship or partnership does not enjoy these benefits
  • For example , medical expenses , life insurance or disability, are fully deductible for corporations
  • On the other hand , a corporation may own shares of another corporation , and receive 80% tax free dividends
  • Corporations can raise capital by issuing shares , bonds or other debt instruments
  • In case of death of one of its owners , the company can continue to operate as the direction is independent of the shareholders.
  • The property is easily transferable ( which does not happen often with the LLC, where all members must agree)

Business is much easier having a corporation or LLC . Banks and businesses will be more willing to do business if they face if a natural person.

The Florida tax advantages , ease of setting up a company in 2 or 3 days. , Ease of doing business in the Spanish language , financial and professional services infrastructure and a favorable labor law the employer .

Miami transcends the purely business aspect and has taken a political turn . Not long ago it hosts the FTAA ( Free Trade Agreement of the Americas ) which provides for a Free Trade Area