A company in Italy

To form or to incorporate a limited partnership Srl, you must provide the following details:

  • All the information of shareholders and the capital donated by each
  • The company name and address of the legal office
  • A full description of the objectives of society
  • The share capital
  • The names of those who are empowered to represent society
  • The approximate costs borne by society for the establishment
  • The minimum capital required for a S.r.l. is € 10,000

  • Italian law stipulates that at least 25% of the capital is deposited in a bank in Italy before they are made of Incorporation, in the case of non-resident shareholders, the capital must be submitted and negotiated a week before the date of constitution

    The articles of incorporation of an LLC, consists of a certificate of incorporation and bylaws

    To make a public record S.r.l. in the commercial register, each director (or the sole director) must sign a form from the Chamber of Commerce, to be lodged within thirty days from the date the notary signed the instrument of incorporation of the new society.

    Our services offered to incorporate a company in Italy, including:

  • Constitution of an Italian company
  • Certificate of Incorporation and Articles of Association
  • Record and Virtual Office Intercommunity code for VAT purposes
  • Getting your tax code
  • Getting your business license Comprehensive accounting and payroll
  • Taxes
  • Consultancy and advice when required