Incorporate Companies in Belgium

At Myg Consulting Team, we do, incorporate and set up your company, in Belgium.

We do not only take care of incorporating the company, but also everything you need to register for the Limosa, bring them the accounting and presentation of taxes in Belgium, the payroll work, commercial contracts.

We can incorporate all types of companies or companies as well as a subsidiary or branch of the mother or main company.

Limited Company

A company or company Public Limited (société anonyme, SA / naamloze vennootschap, NV) is made or incorporated by at least two people. These people must contribute a fixed amount of capital in exchange for shares in the company.

Limited public companies must have at least three people as directors of the same. This type of company is viable only for large companies.

Limited Private Limited Liability Companies (société d'une personne à resposabilité limitée, SPRLU / eenpersoons beslotenvennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid, EBVA) can be formed by one person and have one shareholder. The shareholder must be a natural person, not a legal entity. Private limited sole proprietorships are recommended for family businesses, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs). If your business is going to be small or medium-sized SMEs this is the most feasible type of company in your case.

A Limited Liability Company (société privée à responsabilité limité, SPRL / besloten vennootschap met beperkte aansprakelijkheid, BVBA) must be formed by at least two shareholders (natural or legal persons). A marriage that makes the company counts as two shareholders, even if they invest, capital themselves. This type of company is recommended for family businesses and SMEs.


The General Societies (société en nom collectif, SNC / commanditaire vennootschap op aandelen, Comm VA) must have a minimum of two partners, who are responsible for the debts of the company. General partnerships have no restrictions on organization as long as partners are responsible, and actions can not be transferred without limitations.

Limited Partnerships (société en simple commandite, SCS / gewone commanditaire vennootschap, Comm V) may have both general partners and limited partners. The general partners direct and administer the company, and have joint responsibility for the debts of the company.

On the other hand, the responsibility of limited partners depends on the capital they have contributed to society. Limited partners can not manage the company, and if they do, they become general partners.