Starting a business in Bulgaria

To create a company in Bulgaria will have to do a minimum of effort , provided you have the legal support provided by our Team of lawyers and Accountant of M & G Consulting. We offer a wide range of legal services to register the company , opening a bank account in Bulgaria and to keep records of your business .

When the company opens an individual who makes contributions of capital stock of the company, a special document , the Constitutive Act is created. This document should contain all the information according to the Commercial Code . A limited partnership may be created by one or several individuals who are responsible only for the debts of the company, depending on the amount of their capital contributions . The minimum share capital for registration of a company is about 10 euros. The ownership of the assets of the founders is separate to the property of the company.

Steps to register a company in Bulgaria

  • To begin the process of setting up a company in Bulgaria is necessary to perform a series of actions and collect documents.

Select the name of the company, preferably present several options , since the identity is checked with others

  • Determine the type of the company and decide who will be its founder.
  • Copies of passports of the founders and a special power in the event that the person creating the society is not a director of the company is needed ;
  • To make a contribution of capital is due to open a bank account .
  • The authorized capital of the company may be comprised of amounts from 2 leva ;
  • To perform an action in the Commercial Register on behalf of the representatives need a power of attorney
  • The complete package of Scripture and the necessary forms must be signed by the founders
  • The last step is to register the company with the tax authorities to obtain the VAT registration number and order the seal of the Corporation

The estimated time to register a company in Bulgaria is about one week

The benefits and profits of registering a company in Bulgaria are:

From the year 2008 , registering a company in Bulgaria has become an easy and quick process. The corporate tax in Bulgaria is 10 % , right now the lowest in Europe, with Hungary and all registered companies have from the beginning intracomuntario your VAT number . Our firm offers international lawyers and economists that support the client to establish and organize its business in Bulgaria in the best way possible and doing all according to rules and legal sistem in HUNGARY.