Accounting Services in Portugal

Companies in Portugal and Accounting

Companies in Portugal and Accounting

Providing financial services to our customers in an accurate manner is something we commit . Well organized financial records ensure that business operations are executed in an efficient manner and correctly as required in Portuga. We offer a full range of accounting services in Portugal , as well as the following

  • General accounting and preparation of financial reports
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Accounts
  • Accounting system setup for new businesses
  • Preparation and processing of payroll in Portugal
  • Preparation and payment of taxes ( income tax , income tax etc..)
  • Preparation and filing of VAT returns

In Portugal it is mandatory that each company has a asignato accounting . The director of the company must have a minimum payroll ( mandatory by law 485 € ), if discharged in another EU country as a worker or self-employed , you must submit supporting documentation of Social Security of your country in Portugal and "THE BOOK oF RECORDS " society specify and mention this procedure done.

M&G Consulting - Tax and accounting counseling

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VAT returns - must absolutely be submitted on the following dates :

  • 1Trimestre - until May 15
  • 2Trimestre - until August 15
  • 3Trimestre - until November 15
  • 4Trimestre - until February 15

The tax return economic activities must be submitted to the May 31 , approval of Annual Accounts and Closing Accounting must be made up to 31 March and the presentacón of the mandatory financial statements is until July 15 , paying the rate for the Commercial Register

All approvals must be strictly accounts registered " BOOK OF RECORDS " and signed by the director of the company.

The business tax is 25% (up to 2 mln € ) + 2 % if this amount is exceeded turnover and VAT is 23 %..

Because of our experience with companies abroad , we know how difficult it can be at first start a business in Portugal , so we professionals (lawyers , economists and accountants) both Spanish and foreign experts in each country who are able to help you with any problems they may encounter.