Accounting in the UK

Accounting in the UK - England

A quality accounting has many advantages such as obtaining financing methods, get help, attract investors, or to facilitate dealings with suppliers. Also, if you give your company in the future, good accounting will increase its value and demonstrate the historical reliability of management..

In this sense, M&G Consulting has more than 3 years experience in the preparation and submission of annual accounts and tax declarations in the UK, and also has a cabinet of qualified economists and lawyers in London. On the basis of this collaboration we ensure compliance with accounting standards and English, we make the VAT returns and delivery of financial statements in conformity with legal regulations and in compliance with all requirements of the local commercial register (Companies House)

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Poorly managed accounts or out of time more easily attract the attention of the Treasury. British accounting standards are hardly compatible with those of other European countries. British accounting is oriented differently and has more in mind the time that the functional aspect (orientation is Anglo-Saxon financial fiscal). The domain of accounting in France, Belgium or Switzerland does not allow the accounts in the United Kingdom. Mistakes can cost them too expensive to customers in time and money because they always result in fines.