Accounting in Spain

Companies in Spain and Accounting

Sociedades en España y su Contabilidad

The demand for accounting services stems both from legal obligations, such as financial reporting, and the need for counseling clients on various issues, including those related to taxation. While also providing accounting services to individuals, the bulk of the work is business services. The Commercial Code establishes the rules to be followed when preparing the annual accounts of the company and evaluate the different items included in them,

Our job is to make an analysis and detailed study of the particular situation of each client and situation of your company, whether newly created or already have a fiscal life-work of development and progress, that will involve the largest tax cost savings possible in compliance with Spanish tax regulations, likewise, we provide legal advice on tax and accounting before the most appropriate legal form that suits their characteristics and needs.

  • Make a planning and tax optimization
  • • We act on behalf of our clients and their tax representatives in response to requirements, defense, settlement and inspections before the Spanish Tax Agency and any other official body
  • We offer the option to give our customers easy payment to bring their tax affairs, accounting and legal
  • Study, Preparation and Presentation of the following settlement declarations as monthly, quarterly and yearly:
    • MODEL 300 / 310 / 370 (Quarterly VAT).
    • MODEL 390 (VAT Annual Summary).
    • MODEL 347 (Annual Statement of transactions with third parties, yearly).
    • MODEL 349 (VAT Operations intra-quarterly).
    • MODEL 115 (Withholding income tax on rents, quarterly)..
    • MODEL 180 (Withholding income tax on rents, yearly).
    • MODEL 202 (Advance payment of income tax).
    • MODEL 201, 200 (income tax, annual).
    • MODEL 130 / 131 (income tax installment payments.)
    • MODEL 100 (filing income of natural persons).
  • Applications of undue payment.
  • Preparation of Excise

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Our department offers accounting and tax constant attention of a group of experts on all issues that may arise in a company on its accounting and general ledger entries prepared according to General Accounting Plan.

We keep constantly updated accounting documents processed in real time so that our customers can have all the information you need at all times, helping to correct decision-making.

Our accounting services include:

  • Planning and implementation of accounting
  • Updating of accounts in arrears.
  • Advice on organizing administrative and billing control
  • Analysis of business results and making appropriate decisions to obtain the maximum return on your business and the greater tax savings
  • Application and development of the General Accounting Plan reflecting the true image force of the company
  • Bank reconciliations and other cash accounts
  • Cash management and control of customers and suppliers
  • Journal.
  • General Ledger
  • Book of invoice.
  • Preparation and presentation of books and Annual Accounts Officers in the Commercial Register
  • Profit and Loss Account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Balance Trial Balance..
  • Other documents required accounting COMPLIANCE