Accounting in Malta

Accounting in Malta

The first fiscal year will close the 31st of December. Since then the audit will be necessary for the company, but until the audit to society in order to maintain fiscal, a company in Malta is required::

  • To submit quarterly VAT returns.
  • Submit annual statement to the Registry, and at one year from the date they are made to pay the annual service office
  • Prepare and submit audited financial statements for each financial year
  • File a declaration of income tax 9 months after the end of financial year
  • Registration Tax Refund.
  • Occasionally, companies are required to submit statistical questionnaires to the National Bureau of Statistics.
  • For this we must receive all invoices (sales and expenditure), and original copies to send to Malta, all documentation must be kept in the office of Malta (the headquarters of the company) in order to introduce the authorities for inspection..
    • Also for the annual declaration calling for the original signature of the administrator, so that all documents will be signed by him and an original mailed to Malta.

      Payments for accounting services, is conducted quarterly and year-end, payment of the audit and annual returns, the amounts of these services depend on the volume of business activity.

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También para la declaración anual se pide la firma original del administrador, así que todos los documentos van a ser firmado por él y enviados por correo en original a Malta.

Los pagos de los servicios de contabilidad, se van a efectuar trimestralmente y al final de año, el pago de la auditoria y las declaraciones anuales, las cantidades de estos servicios dependen del volumen de la actividad de la empresa.

Además de los servicios obligatorios anuales, hay que pagar los servicios de:

  • Provisión para sede social y para agente registrado en Malta
  • Conformidad con los requisitos de domiciliación de la sociedad