Accounting Advice in Ireland

Accounting Advice in Ireland

Having spent years being the country with the lowest corporate tax in the European Union and the fact of being an English-speaking country, Ireland has become the main destination of large multinationals that started in Europe.

Ireland continues to have a great attraction to create a Limited Company. Low taxes, good infrastructure, qualified professionals make Ireland a great destination for what industries. However, its status as the country with the lowest corporate tax has been overshadowed by Bulgaria (12.5% ​​compared to 10% in Bulgaria). But being an Anglo-Saxon country makes Ireland a more familiar place to open or expand a business.

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Our services about accounting in Ireland include:

  • Complete accounting services and bookkeeping.
  • Communication with Irish authorities (Treasury and Commercial Registry).
  • Presentation and preparation of tax returns.
  • Presentation and preparation of VAT returns, when necessary.